Windsor chair build presentation/demo - Raleigh - Nov 5


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Windsor chair build presentation/demo - Raleigh - Nov 5
Phil Soper's Workshop:

I am very pleased to announce I will be the host for a very special presentation/workshop
Folks, do not miss this event. We have room for more.

To convince a few more, I have decided to upstage the lunch menu. I will be serving boeuf bourguignon, grilled veggies and homemade cheesecake

This is a must attend for all those that want to build a windsor chair. Dan O'Sullivan is one of the best windsor chair builders and he will share his expertise in a full day presentation.

The class will run from 9 to 4 and a special lunch will be provided.

Class size will be limited to 10 students.

To see the quality chairs Dan has built please take a look at this gallery:

Cost for this special class is $75. Reserve your space now by prepaying, just send me a check
PM David Turner for Phil's address for payment