Winchester Serpentine Chest Plans?

Ronnie Young

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I am planning to build a Winchester Serpentine Chest like the one by Jeff Headley shown on the E-Interview section of this site. Do any of you know of a set of plans for this chest? Thanks-Ron
I thought I would add the attached for inspiration.  I built the chest last year based on Jeff's e- interview.  I did my best to pick dimensions off the photos and draw out the profile full scale.  It dimensionally built itself after making a few basic decisions. Of course, a call to the generous Mr. Headley would have saved alot of head scratching.

Also, if Jeff hasn't mentioned it, he has written a couple very helpful articles on the fine line inlay for FWW. They can be found in back issues or at FWW online if your a member.

Look forward to seeing your completed chest.



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Stephen- Great looking Chest! I was in the process of making a full size drawing by scaling the photographs, just like you, when I had the idea of posting a question about available plans. I had no idea that Jeff would reply.  I've read his articles in FWW, they are excellent. I'll be building two Winchester Chests for my daughter to use as bedside chests. I've done a lot of inlaying, here is my latest work:


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Oh Boy! I see I'm preaching to the choir! That piece is gorgeous.  I'm sure you'll do the chests justice. Please keep us in mind with the pics. 

I would like to build a serpentine chest as well.
Can you tell me what the e-interview is about that you are talking about by Jeff Headly?
If anybody has any suggestions that they would like to pass on concerning the building details, I would greatly appreciate it.
Also if someone out there is so gracious as to pass on the plans, I would be delighted.
Thank you all so much, this is a great Forum and a great Society.

Jeff's e-Interview can be found here: Jeff describes the construction of a Winchester, VA serpentine chest. I especially like how the French feet are done. Parts of the chest were also the subject of a pair of article in FWW about 2 years ago. Track those down if you can.
Frank- I have a few photographs of the construction of the chests I'm working on. They may provide you with a bit more detail than the e-interview with Jeff. Let me know if you are interested and and I'll email them to you.
I don't seem to be able to find the e-interview with Jeff (Winchester Chest), has this been moved or taken down altogether?
It still seems to be there, at least for me.
Under Login on the home page left column.
Welcome Member (Be sure to be logged in)
Down the Member Only list to E-Interviews
E-Interviews drop down menu
- Winchester Chest with Jeff Headley

Seems to all be there. Let us know if you cannot find it, or what happens when you go through steps above.