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has anyone  noticed  that Bob Whitley does not have the prints on his web site anymore, or am i not seeiny right ?

You are correct.  The prints disappeared from the Whitley webpage some time ago.  Craig Bentzley told me that he was working on an additional Whitley project but the last available print was for the foot stool, as I recall.  I don't believe Mr. Whitley participates in the Forum. Maybe Craig will see this and update us all.

To All Interested Parties,

As some of you have noticed, Robert Whitley has removed the link for the “Plans” page from his website. The primary reason for this was the amount of time and effort involved in answering phone calls and emails, printing, packaging and running to the post office. Bob is a woodworker, first and foremost, and the computer is not where he wants to spend his time. Bob and I have come to an agreement and I will handle future orders.

I am continuing to work on new plans. The Chippendale corner chair is complete. For current prices, see the "Whitley Plans Update" thread.

As the new plans become available, I will post announcements on the forum. After these two projects are finished, I’m not sure what will be next. I have received some feedback and have been keeping a list of preferences. You can contact me off forum if you have any suggestions. All input is welcome and appreciated. Thanks.

Craig Bentzley
Craig, do you think the Chippendale corner chair will be ready in time for Col Wmsburg, first week?


I wouldn't hold my breath unless you are offering to underwrite this set of plans. Hopefully a week or so one way or the other won't cramp your style.

No, just trying to pick up as much stuff as possible at Wmsburg, pay back some of the conference costs with saved shipping. I'll also be visiting a wood supplier in Wmsburg, etc.