Where to find plans for a Goddard Lowboy ????


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Hi,  New to the forum and enjoying all the information presented here.  I'm an amateur cabinet maker working at home in NJ.  I work with a friend in Kansas ( when I'm out there ) who is an experienced builder with many Newport pieces under his belt.  I'm looking to build a Goddard lowboy in the style shown in the Jeffrey Greene book.  Does anyone know of a source of drawing / plans that may provide the guidance to replace the experience that I do not have ??????

Hope someone out there in the wonderful world of cabinetmaking will be able to point me in the right direction.

Thanks all,
Roger in NJ

I echo Freddy's suggestion of looking up Al Breed.  Also, if you look in the gallery at Rob Champagne's lowboy he did a really nice Goddard lowboy so you might want to reach out to him.

I have met Bob Wallis (I assume that's who you are talking about) a few times and have been to his shop.  He is quite a gentleman and has a great body of work.  I was pleased and surprised to find a period furnituremaker of his quality in Kansas!

Best wishes on the lowboy.  Cal
Yes Cal.  You are right on.  Bob is a great person and a very good friend.  My sister lives next door and I work in his shop when I visit.  He was a great help in building my Philadelphia tall case clock.  Wouldn't / couldn't have done it without his support.  Trying to get started on this project and may make a trip out for Bob's input and help on it.  I guess it's been his interest in Newport furniture that has gotten me on it also.  Stop by to see him one day.  He's working on a Townsend desk and bookcase. 

Take care,
Bob and I keep in touch, but I am way overdue for a visit.  I have seen the desk portion of the secretary partially complete and I would love to see how far he has come.

Thanks for the reminder!  CH
He's slowed down a lot these past few years.  Last summer as I finished my clock he was beginning to put the upper bookcase together.  I hope to get out later this summer and then see how's he's progressed.  He's told me that this will be his final piece.  I hope that isn't so.  I do enjoy watching him work.
Roger, as Cal mentioned, I made a few of these lowboys a few years ago (I am flattered he remembered).  I scaled mine from pictures of a Goddard piece that sits in the state department rooms.  I can get you some measurements if that would help.  And as Freddy recommended, if you are looking for accurate measurements from an original, get in touch will Al Breed.  I got plans for a Townsend highboy from Al, from a piece he had measured himself.  This was after I had built the lowboys and had been a little frustrated at the lack of detail I was able to get from scaling pictures, such as moldings, joinery, etc.  I wanted to build a highboy that would be an Exact copy (as far as I could) of the original.  The best thing would be to gain access to an original to measure yourself.  This is a great way to learn about antiques.  I have measured two originals at the Conn. Historical Society, and would highly recommend contacting some local museums.