what is this?


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I've got a bunch of gun parts and tools and a few planes, spoke shavers etc. This was in the box.
I've since cleaned it up(a nono?)

It's marked I47A near the fork.
On one side with the circle face down is marked 70   7   and 3.

I love a challenge!

I have no idea what it is! could you provide some dimensions. Does it look user made, or commercial?
A cleaner picture. I think it's for a string instrument. Looks machine made.

l47A  = on the bottom?
70 ,  7 ,  3 = on the side. Maybe the notches are 4,5,6?

3 1/16" long, Circle is 3/4" diameter x 9/32 thick


I bought a large lot of gunsmiths tools off of ebay (he had a large collection of Addis chisels and gouges).  The lot included several home made machinist's "Go-No GO" gauges.  His gauges were made on a metal lathe and were much more modern looking than yours. 

Since you also got this from a gunsmith, my best guess is that you have a really old "Go-No Go" gauge.  Maybe for placing the gun sights or something.  But, don't hold me to that.

My gunsmith lot also introduced me to a delicate spokescraper. I love this simple tool.  I have even made several flat bottom and curve bottom scrapers.  Great for working with squirrel grained woods (think gun stock).