What Is It?


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I thought I had seen it all. Saw this in a store in Kentucky. The shop owner had no idea what it was. I thought it might be a pool cue holder of some sort but it's too light and no base. Any ideas what it could be?


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That's an interesting looking piece; very pretty. I have never seen anything like it but it reminds me of a religious display for candles. I want to say like an Advent wreath, but they typically are only five candles - four in a circle and the fifth in the middle. This one has seven holes - one for each day of the week, like the last week of Advent?


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Well, I finally found out what it is. It's called a "dumb waiter".  The bowls for the holes are missing. You would put candies or order es in the bowls. FYI, the museum section on the main page of SAPFM is amazing. I found several examples of the dumb waiter while scrolling thru pictures on the museums web sites.