What are these?

Jeff L Headley

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Here is a picture of two items I found in an attic. They seem to be from maybe a loom? All the spindles ends are cut on an angle like they had an oval frame around them which is now missing. One is crude the other reminds me of windsor chair parts and nicely done. Just wondering?


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The closest thing I have ever seen is a boatbuilding tool for performing "spiling"; taking off an irregular curved shape to fit a another piece.

The frame would be placed nearby the joint to be fitted, and the sticks extended to touch the curved surfae and then pined or locked somehow.  The frame would then be removed to the workbench or shop floor and used to cut a curved edge on the matching piece, and then it would be presented to the first piece for final fit

However, my sense is that your item is probably not such a tool, but maybe my suggestion will spark an idea for someone to start with.



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I have no idea what those are, but I've been in Jeff's attic and I'm sure that's not the only mystery up there.