Wanting to help The New England Chapter a Success! How Can I Help.


Okay I have notice all these chapters having so many things going on and having so much passion about sharing information.  Yet the New England Chapter (NEC)has nothing going on or at least nothing I know of.  So I would like to help in any way, but I just don't know how.  As stated before in the forum there are so many woodworkers and so much talent in Massachusetts alone and we are not taking advantage of it.  We NEC need to come to together and start having events, gatherings, etc.  We need to do something so please let me help who ever is in charge on getting the wheels rolling. Please anyone who knows any information write back.  Thank you.

Freddy Roman


Well-known member
Get the list of members from David Conley. Call all of the ones in your area and invite them to your shop for coffee and visiting. After a bit of visiting find out if they would like to get together again, maybe someone else would like to show off their shop, find out what most of them are looking for.  Keep it a social organization with show and tell type format. Build from there. There is already plenty going on in your area without trying to create more. Visit well known shops in your area, get behind the ropes tours at museums. Keep it a get together for people sharing a similar interest and see where it goes. Keep it simple or you will burn out. Create a group e-mail list so you can all communicate what is going on. Did I say keep it simple?