Victorian Settee Plan


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Good day all,

I've been looking for eons for either a book that has a pattern, plan or instructions to make victorian settees.  I've purchased a few books with details in them off amazon but none ever seem to have the settee's in them.  I'd appreciate any assistance I can get.

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Mark Arnold

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I'm unaware of any available Victorian settee blueprints-even a recent one. It's unlikely you will find any from the period for the same reason you won't find blueprints for, say, a Chippendale chair from the period. You're more likely to find drawing or pattern books (which really aren't patterns per se) which offer or suggest various designs. You may already be familiar with Blackie & Son's The Victorian Cabinetmaker's Assistant, available as a Dover re-print. There are three or four pages of settee designs in it. As far as construction goes, you can probably treat it like a Chippendale settee or a sofa for which you will more likely find drawings. See Margon's American Furniture Treasures p. 74. There are also some plates in Salomonsky's Masterpieces of Furniture which may be of some help.


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There is alos a book available on google books called Cabinetwork and joinery. I am not sure when it was written, but it discusses "modern woodworking" and the drawings are for victorian era pieces.