Veneer conditioner recipe


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I've got a recipe for veneer conditioner/flattener:

  4 parts water
  2 parts white glue
  1 part denatured alcohol
  1 part glycerin

  Is this similar to what y'all use?
  How long can I store this solution (shelf-life)?
Yes, this is similar to what I use.  I don't have the recipe here at work, but I got it frm Daryl Kleil at Vacupress.  You could probably search his forum and find it.  I put it in a spray bottle to use it.  Worked great on some mahogany croth that was very potato chip like! 

I found the glycerin at Walgreens....meant for "other" purposes!

In quart volume 1/2 water 1/2 alcohol 2 tablespoons of glycerin and hide glue. Alcohol breaks down water molecules and helps the water evaporate.
Freddy,  do you use denatured alcohol only?

  Can I use white glue?  How about Franklin (cold) hide glue?

I have had a bottle of conditioner/softener from Constantine's Wood Center, in Florida, for years (I do not do alot of veneering) and it has always worked fine. brush/spray on, let sit, clamp with paper between sheets, use 24-48 hours later. I've never had any gluing or finishing issues.
    Well at least not because of the softener....... ;D

Denatured alcohol only? No. You need both or just water. The Alcohol makes the water evaporate quicker.
White glue has been seen in mixtures over the years but hide blue is far better. Franklin is a terrible product due to all the additives. I prefer hot hide or old brown blue. 

  What I meant to ask was about the type of alcohol.  Does it need to be denatured?

  Thanks for the info!