Veenering A Solid Wood Drawer Front

tom colligan

New member
In making a 4 drawer bureau of walnut the drawer fronts, 30 inches wide, don't have much going for them so I would like to know if applying veneer to them will work. 

The bottom drawer will be 8 inches.  I've heard others say veneering on solid wood doesn't work but what do you folks say?

If yes, is cross banding helpful?  And, will veneering the other side also help?

Many thanks, Tom.
Tom, Check out the posts in this "Topic", just before yours. There is some information there that might answer your questions
I've never veneered anything but solid wood. I recommend hammer veneering. Very simple, all you need is hot hide glue and a veneer hammer. you don't need the complication or expense of a bag, vacuum pump, platens etc. or all the space it takes up.

Don't have a glue pot? here's one for $12.99, just put in water and add a jar with your glue in it.
Don't have a hammer? Make one out of hard wood and a piece of brass

super easy to do!
Talma, you genius! I KNEW there had to be a suitable and  more affordable alternative to the $130 glue pot, but have been unable to identify one until reading your post.  Thanks.

Bruce Leonard
Have a look for 'wax pots' on eBay. I have a 1 litre wax pot (simply because I can store the glue brush in the pot with the lid on – 500ml pots are also available).

I have had numerous glue pots over the years and these lidded wax pots keep the glue good for weeks. I also purchased a couple of spare aluminium inner pots which I use for gesso and blending wax for making polishes etc.

The pot I use is currently on eBay for under AU$30... about US$21.

This one sells for AU$95, but has the addition of a digital temperature read-out.

I am fascinated by the idea that someone would say veneering on solid wood will not work.  What do they think we used before plywood and particleboard?  PSP