Hi Greg,

I am a new member to SAPFM, and joined in early December last year.  Took the trip to Williamsburg
to meet folks and take in the Woodworking Symposium in January.  While there I met Tom Sears, and
he told me about a chapter meeting that was scheduled for February at MESDA.  It was a brief meeting,
regarding the new chapter and future plans; afterwards we had a great tour of MESDA and then went to
visit Martin O'Brien's Shop.  I understand that plans are in the works for Martin O'Brien to provide a
hands-on Period Furniture Finishing/re-Finishing two day seminar next January or February in Winston-Salem.

Plans are now underway for the NC Backcountry Chapter's role in the upcoming Woodworking in America Conference
to be held at Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, Sept. 12-14th.  Currently the plan is for SAPFM
members, who would like to participate, to engage in "Hand Tool Demonstrations" at the SAPFM Booth on Friday
and Saturday of the Conference.  The initial concept is to portray 18th and 19th Century Hand Tool proficiency.
This could mean splitting a 4' log with wedges, riving chair parts or cabinet boards, using a shaving horse,
smoothing a rough sawn board, joinery techniques, carving......the list of possibilites is endless.

We need volunteers who would like to be a part of the SAPFM Booth. Jerome Bias, SAPFM Member and Old Salem
Interpretive Joiner and Cabinetmaker, has already sent me about 5 or 6 names of folks who want to participate.
I think we need a few more volunteers, not only for demonstrations, but some members who would like to have
a piece of their Craftsmanship on display.

Currently the booth size is being determined.  Once we know the size of the SAPFM Booth space, we can better
determine what kind and size of furniture items to display.  The concept is to have a spectrum of styles, from
"High Style Period" to "Backcounty Period", and maybe some Primitive.

The "Call for Craftsman" and "Volunteers" is officially open, and I hope everyone who would like to help will let
us know.  For now, just post reponses here...I will be publishing a contact email in a few days.

Mo Yarborough
Mo, I have been involved with the Ohio Chapter supporting WIA held in the Cincinnati area in the past. I would like to volunteer. It is always fun.
Bob, that is great!  I just found out from Mike Siemsen last night the booth size we are having, and it looks like we will be able to have two benches and saw benches along with display space.  We are not going to be doing the "Hand Tool Olympics" that you are familiar with in Cincinnati, but demonstrating, with the goal of having conference attendees come in the booth and have a go!  I'll be emailing you next week at your posted address on the forum with more details!  Thanks for volunteering to make the SAPFM presence at WIA Winston-Salem exciting for all!