Tripod pedestal table leg alignment


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I have found many pictures of Queen Anne tables with double tripod leg assemblies that show the single leg pointed out toward the ends, and almost as many showing it pointed in toward the middle.

Is there a right and wrong; and if so why ?

It seems to me that single leg out at the ends is less likely to lead to encountersbetween guests and table legs.

Karl, Consider that the person on the end of the table does not wish to straddle a leg - so two legs outward; this also keeps the third leg from interfering with the persons on the sides.
If the table is long enough for a third pillar, than four legs with two to the ends and two perpendicular to the sides will cause the least interference with the people sitting along the sides.
Point taken,  but I have a rather high end reproduction of  an antique table that has the single legs to the end. The firm made them as kits and tended to follow a particular historical example. Not for absolutely sure, but tended.

If you actually pull a chair up to the table, sitting with your legs straight ahead, the single leg actually interferes less because one of your legs goes on each side of the pedestal leg, and can extend as far forward as you wish, where as if you are caught between two splayed pedestal legs, your lower legs tend to hit them.

I guess after I finish my move, I will be able to unpack my books and look at a lot more genuine antique examples - and perhaps learn something.

Not necessarily proof of anything, but I surveyed used slipper foot Queen Anne tripod pedestal tables for sale on eBay today.

Five had the single leg to the end, 1 had the single leg inward.