Tony Kubalak: Understanding the Garvan Lowboy Carvings


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[font=times new roman, serif]The 2018[/font][font=times new roman, serif] Peach State Chapter fall program will feature Tony Kubalak on the Garvan lowboy/dressing table.  The two day weekend presentation will be on Saturday and Sunday, November 10-11 from 9AM-5PM (both days) at Woodcraft at [/font][font=times new roman, serif]1085 Holcomb Bridge Road, Roswell, Georgia[/font][font=times new roman, serif]. An optional[/font][font=times new roman, serif] one day intensive workshop will be on Monday.  Tony has been to Peach State SAPFM before when he did a presentation on the Newport tea table. Tony is an accomplished maker, writer and presenter.  This year he will focus on the lowboy attributed to the “Garvan carver” which is currently in the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA).  Tony has written two books on carving: “[/font][font=times new roman, serif]Carving 18th Century Furniture Elements” and “Carving 18th Century Furniture Motifs”.  You can learn more go to[/font]



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