Title canvassing


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I'm canvassing various groups for books people would like to see reprinted. I have tons of stuff on my shelves to choose from and am not adverse to purchasing a new title when needed. Depending on where someone is from, the choices differ, sometimes and sometimes not.

The title (or recommended author) should out of copyright (generally pre-1928 but there can be some leeway up through the 1930's). Unfortunately, Charles Hayward is out of the running due to the ongoing complications involving who owns what.

Other than Charles, pretty much anyone else, any publisher/author etc. that you like. The topic can be tools, joinery, carpentry, plans, metal, leather, textiles, you name it.

Thanks, Gary

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I'd love to see "Furniture Masterworks of John and Thomas Seymour" by Massey re-printed!  I'm sure it's still protected but I'd buy it tonight if I could get my hands on a copy.
If I could reprint what I wanted to... I'ld be a very happy publisher! Yes, Massey is very much protected by copyright and I don't have that kind of funds to negotiate on a reprint!