Thomas Seymour Dressing Chest


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Hello all

Does anyone have any info/pictures of the dressing chest on the front cover
of  The Furniture Masterworks Of John And Thomas Seymour ?

I love this piece and really want to make a copy.
any help at all would be great

Mark R Gudgin.


One of the signature details on this piece is the dart or arrow pattern banding, which is found on the mirror surround, and also on the edges of the mid-top.  There is an excellent article showing in detail how to make this banding.  This article is entitled "Making an Arrow Banding:  A Seymour Detail Explained", and is found in the SAPFM's annual journal:

'American Period Furniture', Journal of the SAPFM, Volume 5, 2005;  Philip C. Lowe with Austen Winters, p. 16.

This article also shows a good photo of the mirror surround, so you can see what is happening there.


This piece looks easier than what it really is.  There is so many little details.  Yet it was soo much fun making this piece.  I attempted a repro of this couple of years ago and it came pretty good I think.  The arrow banding is awesome and fun to make.  I used Qtr. Sawn Sapele for the cross banding.  Just be aware that the drawers need to be finished first in the inside before veneering the fronts.  The reason being is that drawer fronts will cup.  Ask me how I know.  Even with Qtr. Sawn Mahogany it cupped.  I highly recommend buying the escutcheons from Lee Valley that are machined perfectly.  I also recommend buying the small escutcheon and attempt to mortise it in place and incase something goes wrong then use one size bigger.    I would also recommend mortising the holes for the brackets after you tapered the legs.  There are left and rights for the brackets.  Dense dense Mahogany is needed for the scroll upper half.  Good Luck



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Thanks Wiley
i have a copy of that book and think it will be a big help when i make the banding.

Thanks Freddy for the help, your copy looks great, im not planing to start building the piece untill next year.
i just started the drafting for this piece and i really want to take my time with this to make sure i get every little detail right.
if there is any more info that you would be happy to share with me id be very very thankfull
thanks for your time Freddy and Wiley.