Thomas Jefferson Tall Desk

Ronnie Young

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Does anyone have have any suggestions on the construction details or a source of drawings for desks similiar to the Thomas Jefferson Tall Desk ( follow this link This style of desk is often called and architect's desk. The people at Monticello did not have any additonal information beyond that contained in the on their website. Thanks

I posted first time yesterday and posted into "Casework" I too have a similar interest and if you check out my post the Admin provided the re:State department link. Perhaps we can share/compare information and move out on this project. Right now I am almost tempted to storm the castles at State and Monticello, perhaps Winterthur :) and compare dimensions. Might be a fun little effort. You game?? Besides I think we have a bit of an historical mystery for someone of the Holmes persuassion. I have done all the web searching I can, do you have an further information available? I am getting more curious and frustrated at the same time.


Clay sends..
Clay-I have another reference for the Jefferson architects desk:
I contacted Monticello and their spokesperson told me "Unfortunately, the Collections Policy of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation does not permit individuals to make reproductions of objects in the Foundation's collection." I was unable to contact Mr. Self the conservator that made the copy of the architect desk mentioned in the article.
Thanks for the information on the desk in the State Department I was not aware of it.
Excellent, Thank You. Keep an eye out under casework and maybe I will come up with something. Let you know when I do....A few posts there recently added a bit of include a graphic