Thomas Affleck Philadelphia card table

Jeff L Headley

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Woodworking Workshops Of The Shenandoah Valley (  will be offering a class on building a Philadelphia card table originally made by Thomas Affleck in March, 2014 with two spaces available. As a lure might anyone have any questions on how this table might have been made?
Jeff, the picture looks like the table has both back legs that fold out to support the back side table top. The one that we made in your class has just one leg that swings out. Is there a a reason for two vs one? Personal preference I'm guessing and cost. Any thoughts? Thanks
John, This is a picture of the first of these card tables that I made over 25 years ago. It was an order. Thank you for pointing out this discrepancy from our class. Why would you want to have two swing legs on such a small table? It does have a nice top though. We will only cut one swing leg in class. If you would like to go back home and cut two swing legs then that could be your choice.