Thick Honduras Mahogany

I live in NW South Carolina and  I am looking for thick (12/4 or 16//4) stock to do turnings and pediement tops on a tall clock. I got a wonderful supply of 4/4 & 5/4 from the Greenville Woodworkers Guild but no thick stuff. I don't need much, probably no more than 4 square feet, so I'm looking for a walk in supplier where I can pick it up. Maybe in Columbia, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh/Duram. Does anyone know of a supplier?


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McEwen Lumber used to carry this and they did have branches in Columbia & Raleigh. A little farther out (north) would be Steve Wall Lumber. Steve usually carries thicker stock in Mahogany and he does mail order of small quantities. Phone #336.427.0637 He has an 800# but I don't have it available at the moment. If you're interested I'll get it.


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In the Raleigh Durham area, Capital City Lumber is the only supplier I know of that regularly has 16/4 turning stock, in stock.  CCL is not inexpensive - I believe the last time I bought some 4"X4"X10' lengths it was approximately $8.50 per linear foot.  However, if you don't need much, that might not be too steep.

Otherwise, most other local suppliers have stopped carrying genuine S.A. mahogany in the last 2 years due to shortage of wholesale supplies an cost.

David Keller, Raleigh


The last time I visited Wall Lumber they told me that they now only carry African mahogany; perhaps I spoke to the wrong person. I called Capital Lumber in Raleigh yesterday because I need some 6/4, and they said they only have a few pieces left of South American mahogany, and it is mixed in the African stuff. So I finally drove today to Colonial Hardwood, just south of DC. A long drive from North Carolina, but they lots of the stuff in all different sizes, at $12.00 per board foot.

Steve Bodner