The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton

The Second Edition of The Tool Chest of Benjamin Seaton by Jane Rees is now available for preorder from Astragal Press. Astragal notified me this morning that it is shipping from the U.K., and they expect it to arrive within two weeks.

The cost is $34.95. Standard shipping from MN to NJ is $7.50.

For those of you on the other side of the Pond, it is also available through the publisher, the Tools and Trades History Society.

The first edition has been out of print for several years. The new edition is significantly expanded and enlarged. It contains accurate drawings of all the tools contained in the chest and also articles by Mack Headley and Caare Loftheim of the Colonial Williamsburg Hay Cabinet Shop, which detail the construction of their reproduction of the chest.

Note that this is not a review of the book, as I have not received my copy yet.

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
You can also get the book by joining TATHS at around $50. You will receive other publications from them as well. the book is free to members.
I just got a sneak peak at the second edition and the content has been significantly upgraded from the first edition. Specifically, there are drawings of all the cutting and layout tools as well as the drawings of the chest by Mack and an article by Kaare Loftheim on reproducing the chest. I think alot of Kaare's research was done in preparation for the Working Wood conference a few years ago on tool boxes and benches. If you plan to build the Seaton chest or want to design one of your own, the second edition is the one to own. It is now available from Astragal Press. Although the content has more than doubled, the price hasn't!
Thanks for the heads up, guys, just ordered it. I look forward to many happy immersed hours.

And a great book it is, couldn't believe the detail on what seems each and every tool in the chest plus the chest itself. Thanks, William.