The Cabinetmaker and the Carver: Boston Furniture from Private Collections

Hi Tim,
Just received mine yesterday and it is packed to be returned tomorrow. It is little more than a pamphlet. The title and the subject matter could have proven to be a promising tome, however they turned out a 62 page "book".  Knowing your background Tim, I'm sure you would be greatly disappointed. one piece of Federal, (Seymour Sideboard) Fair amount of pre 1730 and a smattering of lesser known mid 1800's pieces. out of hundreds of books I've purchased this is only the second I've returned! Just my opinion, hope it helps.

It is more an exhibition catalog than a reference work.  If, like me, you have a compulsive desire to acquire every bit of knowledge you can on American furniture, then go ahead.  Someday, I would like to copy the early blockfront dressing table in this book, so it might be helpful then.  PSP