The Cabinetmaker and the Carver:Boston Furnitre from Private Collections

Kirk Rush

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Does anyone have this book?  I was wondering how helpful it is to a furniture maker and how much of it covers 18th century furniture. 


I own it. The book is just a photo book of the pieces.  There isn't too much information on the pieces, and only one photo per item. Its a great book for the caliper of items, and the photos are great to blow up if wanting to make a reproduction.


Much as I hate to knock any publication that adds information in our field of interest, it seems to be a generally held view that if you want a reference book that gives a good "bang for the buck" this is not it.  It is a small catalog of a museum exhibition of privately held pieces of furniture.  It covers a lot of territory in a small space and so, does not go into great detail, descriptively or photographically, of any of the furniture.  As a good working reference for a furniture maker, I do not recommend it.  I also own it.  PSP