Summary of June 2nd meeting


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The Delaware Valley Chapter held its late Spring meeting on June, 2 2012 coordinated by Jim Chesterton at Tyler Emericks business warehouse in Alpha, NJ.

We had a turnout of about 22 members and one nonmember who picked up an application but was unable to attend.

William Duffield gave us an informative talk on shaping Cabriole legs using files and scrapers and work holding strategies. The bench design was adaptive from a bench that Steve Latta used many years ago at a SAPFM Midseason Conference in Lancaster. 

Tyler Emerick fired up his portable Wood Mizer saw mill and started working on cutting up a Black Walnut log. At the end of the day Tyler?s generosity in donating all the boards to who every wanted them and could carry them home. Lots of people trying to figure how to haul the wood back home.

After lunch we had some show and tell from members.

Tom Schlenker Spice Box
Dave Moyer Jewelry box
Ron Tatman Carved rope candle stand.
John Previti Foot Stool
John Deming Carved Chair

Bob Rozaieski gave us a talk and demonstration on the traditional hand tool methods used for constructing molded raised panel doors. Bob had a busy weekend not only doing a demonstration for the Del-Val Chapter but also at Pennsbury Manor, Pa.  Bob has posted on his web site pictures and comments from both the Del-Val Chapter meeting and Pennsbury Manor demonstrations. Bob thanks for the acknowledgement for the SAPFM organization. His web site is

Frank Vocolo demonstrated stringing of a federal table leg and routing for the cuff. He showed the method for making banding, cutting out a Paterae from holly and sand shading then routing to insert. He explained the tools he used and a bit of history of the progression from Rocco carving to the use of decoration using inlay etc. He explained the development of banding makers as an industry which supplied furniture makers up and down the east coast challenging the belief that furniture can be identified by region based on the design of its banding. He credited Steve Latta?s research from his master?s thesis for this information. Frank currently serves as President of the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association.

We had a small discussion around building of Spice boxes and it was determined to progress individually and meet in September around the 22nd to show progress and discuss pros and cons of the build. The location is to be determined in the near future.

We would like to thank Nina, Jim?s wife for her tireless effort in coordinating the refreshments and lunch for all. 


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There are some beautiful examples of work from the Show & Tell segment.  If any of those presenters are reading this, perhaps they'd be willing to post some details of the build, joinery, etc in their subject threads.  I continue to be impressed and inspired by the high quality work of the "regular" members (who often aren't so regular after all).