Storing Veener

I had the good fortune to obtain some nice veneer over the last year.  Previously, I have stored veneer wherever I could find space and in no particular manner.  I would like to set up a dedicated space.  Most of the veneer won't be used for some time.  I don't want to destroy it by storing it improperly.  How do you store your larger pieces of veneer?  Should they be pressed between thick cardboard sheets?  If so, do you put plastic wrap down between the veneer and the cardboard to keep the veneer from drying out?  Any tips or photos would be appreciated.
I store mine flat in the basement. I built some storage shelves for household items, and made the top shelf about a foot from the ceiling, 2' wide, 8' long.

I have found the higher moisture content in the basement seems to be nicer to the veneer, I have been given veneer that felt quite dry and broke easily, after leaving it in my basement for a few months, it seemed to be more pliable. I do mostly hammer veneering so I don't think moisture will be an issue. But in the little bit of vacuum pressing I've done I haven't had any problems.
I've decided to wrap the veneer in kraft paper, sandwich it between pieces of cardboard, and then put it between layers of mdf to try to keep it as flat as possible.  This will allow me to separate the veneer into groups and hopefully make it easier to access what I need.  My shop is only heated when I am working so the humidity should be o.k. most of the time.