Stonemans Book on John & Thomas Seymour - 1959

This book, published in 1959 has been referenced in the forum before as a good book on the Seymours... On line searches show it selling generally from 175-250 in mixed conditions.  I just returned from a visit to my daughter in NYC where she insisted I visit the Strand Book Store - They had three copies in their rare book room... they now only have two.  The two remaining copies have the folio slipcase, the copy I purchased did not, but the condition of the book was was actually excellent in my opinion, but rated vg by them.  One of the remaining copies is 100, and the other a bit more...  I paid 125 and am very pleased.  I know a number of attributions have been corrected since this was published, and Musseys book is more up to date (I have that as well) but for those seeking the Stoneman book, this may be an opportunity... you can buy on line from their website...
Can you offer a comparison with this book and the Mussey book?  I have the recent publication and find it extremely valuable.  Hesitate to spend money that is for same or similar information.  Specifically, is there anything in the Stoneman book not in the Mussey?


I want to do a thoughtful response, so let me pull out both books in the next day or so and offer up a fair compare/contrast..  I hope to get this done before the weekend when I'll be heading down to CW...
Will you be there?  I could possibly schlep the book down with me...