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I will be giving a class on using the Stanley 45-55 (Mutiplane (Or Sargent, Clifton, Sears etc.) This class will be 2 days (Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30). The price is $250.00 The Millersburg Hotel is 1 block away and has a special rate for the Artisans Guild. The location is across the street from Dan Rabers antique tool shop. If you don’t have both planes Dan believes he will be able to access up to three 55’s. We will also have the option to pair up those that don’t have both with someone that does. If you sign up a list of suggested tools to bring will be provided. Their is a limit of 8 students
For more information see;

[font=calibri, sans-serif]Or call:[/font][font=calibri, sans-serif]
[/font][font=calibri, sans-serif]Colonial Homestead Artisan’s Guild[/font]

[font=calibri, sans-serif]181 W. Jackson St.[/font]
[font=calibri, sans-serif]Millersburg, Ohio 44564[/font]
[font=calibri, sans-serif](330) 473-5532[/font]

Below is a brief outline of what we will cover, time permitting;

Stanley 45
The 45 (1883-1962) & 55 (1897-1963) were called a Planning mill in a box (Stanley used that space savings advantage in their advertising). This one plane could replace minimum of 23 wooden planes and with special cutters you could order even more.
What are the advantages of the 45-55 over wooden molding planes. What are the advantages of wooden molding planes over the 45-55?
Most metal planes of the day came with a very basic set of instructions, just as today’s new cars come with a manual that shows you what the basics of that model but they don’t show you how to drive.
1. Students will learn the how the 45 and 55 cutters work and the best way to sharpen them.

2. We will spend a few hours sharping cutters, however don’t expect to sharpen them all.Please see the list of sharping supplies to bring.

3. The hows and whys of proper setup. From how hold you work to how to introduce the plane to the board.

Exercises for the 45

We will setup and cut the following:

1. Set up the plane to cut a rebate.
2. Beading stop and cut a Side Bead
3. Center Bead
4. Dado
5. Grove
6. Sash
7. Using the slitting cutter.
8. Fluting

Stanley 55

The Stanley 55 will do all that the 45 does, however with a total of fifty-five cutters and adjustable runners (skates) along with 2 fences that pivot so much more is possible. So much more that Stanley advertised it as “A PLANING MILL WITHIN ITSELF”

Since we already have done the basic 8 operations on the 45 we will skip over those for the 55 and move on to the following;

1. What Runners do I use and setting the adjustable runner along with the Auxiliary center bottom.
2. How to properly set up the fences.
3. Setting the Depth Gauges.

Now on to the fun stuff

1. Grecian Ogee
2. Roman Ogee
3. Reverse Ogee
4. Quarter Hollow (today this molding is called a Quarter Round)
5. Quarter Round  (today this molding is called a Scotia)
6. Chamfer either 40 for a right or 41 for a left
7. Reeding

Complex molding

Next we will combine 2 or more profiles to make a piece of larger molding that can be used as a small piece of Crown molding on a piece of furniture.

1.Take the template and draw on the end of your board.
2. Take the 1/4[font=liberation serif, serif]" beading cutter and run the bead in the appropriate place. [/font]
[font=liberation serif, serif]3. Take the 1" hollow cutter and run it in the appropriate place.[/font]
4. Take the 1[font=liberation serif, serif]"[/font][font=liberation serif, serif] round cutter [/font][font=liberation serif, serif]and run it in the appropriate place.[/font]
[font=liberation serif, serif]5. Finish off with your Shoulder plane or small Rabbit plane.[/font]

[font=liberation serif, serif]Making custom cutters[/font]

We will walk through the easy way of marking out an iron blank to make that custom profile.

As the school continues to up grade their web presents they now want everyone to go to; [/size][/size] from there you can scroll down to the class you want to take. Apparently attendees were being charged $12.00 by Evenbrite to sign up. Those that have already signed up will be contacted by Nate to refund the $12.00 (hey that's lunch at the Bakery) I have edited the original post to reflect these changes.
Their are still some spots left for the 45/55 class which is the 28 and 29th of March. Dan Raber of Colonial Homestead (the antique tool store located across the street from the class) is offering a 15% discount to all students of this class. Check out the blog; for some photos of moldings I cut using both a 45 and 55. Dan is lending us a 45 and 55 for those that don’t have one or the other. Hope to see you there.