Stanley 45 1st time user! SOS


Bought my 1st Stanley 45 yesterday. Was fiddling around with it briefly yesterday and have noticed some potential issues with my new plane.

The cutter adjustment screw rocks side to side, and the pin which holds the cutter finds its way to back out of the cutter when I go raising or lowering the cutter.

Is there a way to clean up the slop so the pin stays were it was meant to be?

The skate and fence, have been looking at ways to adjust them to get them parallel?

Any advice is welcomed. Was excited to find a tool in such condition. 

I have attempted to attach photos of the plane. Hopefully you guys can help me identify the age of it as well.


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Their is a small amount of play in the adjustment screw. Their should be a pin through the side of the casting that engages the slot cut into the side of that threaded portion. Make sure you loosen the blade clamping bolt (called the cutter bolt). Stanley started using the cardboard box on type 11's around 1910. The best way to date it is to do a type study. Try the web or "The Stanley Forty Five combination plane by David E. Heckel