Spring Meeting in Charleston--Dates and More



Dave Powles has been hard at work organizing a great weekend for all of us in Charleston.  The Dates are May the 22nd and 23rd with an optional third day on the 21st for the first 14 to respond.  The meeting focus will be furniture of historic Charleston, SC.  There will not be any demos or shop work as in past meetings but, quoting Dave, "we will hand you historic Charleston and Charleston Furniture on a silver platter."

Now for some of the details:

Friday May 21: begin at 9am with a tour of currently occupied Charleston private homes.  Many of these homes have MESDA listed pieces in them.  Also, we will visit 61 Montigue St, a fully restored Charleston Mansion where plaster restoration took 2 1/2 years and restoration of 13 fireplaces took 9 months.  This home sits on 2 1/2 acres south of Broad with a restored carriage house and slave quarters (for those interested it could be yours for $13 million).  It is furnished with reproduction period furniture by local artist Monte Hinson who used Mary May to do all his carvings.  The tour ends at about 12:30 with a traditional Charleston lunch on silver service overlooking the Ashley river.  Cost--$100.  Due to these being private residences, weekend tours are not available.  If we have interest above the 14 spots available we can arrange a Monday tour.

Saturday May 22: Tours of the following properties:  Manigault house, Aiken-Rhett house, Nathaniel Russel house, Heyward Washington house.  Tours will run around $20/property/person.  Dave has worked hard to make arrangements for the head furniture curator to give the tours at 2 of the properties.  Unfortunately despite his efforts the other two properties were unwilling to help us in that regard and we will be receiving the same tour guide normally available to the public;  The person in charge of these two properties did, however, receive a tongue-lashing by Dave in response!
Dave is currently in the process of trying to arrange a tour of the Thomas Elfe house (the premier cabinet maker of the 1750's) and possibly a candlelight buffet with the owner Bill Ward.  More details as they are available to me.

Sunday May 23:  We will tour Middleton place in the morning,  Points of interest are a carpenter shop staffed with historic interpretors and a Thomas Elfe table.  Sunday afternoon we will tour the Edmonston-Alston house.

This will be a great opportunity to visit historic Charleston from an SAPFM perspective.
PLEASE RSVP to me if you plan to come. Also please let me know how many in your group plan to tour the homes so we can pass that on to the curators.  Also please let me know if you would like to sign up for the Friday tour.

I have sent out a similar email today. If you did not receive it but would like to please send me your current email address.  All SAPFM members are encouraged to join us; simply let me know you are coming.

The Visitors center has listed places you may want to consider for your stay.  Friday and Saturday we will be meeting at the Visitor center which has a parking garage adjacent.  Sunday we will meet at Middleston place (available by car).

Thanks for your interest,
Mark Oghalai
Final Schedule has been sent out to Carolinas Chapter members.  If you did not receive it or anyone outside of the Carolinas who would like to attend please let me know and I'll send you the details.  Thanks