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Could someone advise of a mill (perhaps in Pennsylvania) that would be a source of wide cherry ~ 30 bdft, more or less? I'm in the Texas panhandle, and there's not much other option.
Allan, There are many suppliers in Pa for cherry but 30 feet will be a problem for shipping. That amount might not get you a very good selection. Wide cherry and 30 feet you are talking one or two boards. What are you building? Also another consideration is once you receive your cherry you should let it acclimate to your climate before working with.
Hi Alan,

It's been a number of years, but I used to use Grof Lumber a lot (for cherry, mahog and maple).  I picked up some smaller loads from their PA location, but had most shipped--I live near Houston.  They were always very good to deal with, had good wood, service and prices.
Allan, I've had very good luck with Hicksville Planing Mill in Hicksville, Maryland. Ask for Robert Miller and he'll be able to tell you exactly what they have, and at what price.
Groft&Groft have sold me mahogany 3' wideX 4'long(flat as glass) for a lowboy top. These guys are really down to earth and honest,they UPS me what ever I need. Because of my location, I call em' one day and it's there the next. It's like Amazon for lumber.
It depends on what you mean by wide. A lot of Cherry grows in the north east. So we probably have a better selection than ion Texas. I don't consider cherry wide until its 14"+. Good lumber yards here will have widths up to that in stock, so if you consider wide 10" you could call just about anyone and get a piece that wide. I think the challenge would be finding someone who would ship that small of an amount.

If you let us know what size you are looking for a member may have a piece or 2 in their stash they are willing to part with. If you can use shorter length, say 4' it is much cheaper to ship than full length boards.
Thanks, all. I'm building a blanket chest (approx. 36" x 18" x 18" or somesuch). I've used maple from a local lumberyard, but had to join it because it was fairly narrow -- 12" or so. And I'll be happy to do that with the cherry, but was hoping to find something wide enough (20") to avoid that. And yes, acclimation to our relatively low humidity is a concern. I may just have to bite the bullet and purchase a larger stock -- 50+ bdft -- I'm sure I'll find a use for the rest of it. 4' lengths would actually be ideal.

I purchased some beautiful cherry from a small mill in Illinois a few years ago for a desk for my late wife, but I can't get in touch with them.

Again, thanks.
Irion normally carries stock that wide, but they have a 150bf minimum. I think it was around $10.00 a bf for stock that wide so that's a pretty big outlay for only the 30bf you need. If you need wood for future projects you may consider pre-buying from them, or if some friends want to pool an order. They only ship freight so you wouldn't need to have the boards cut

Groff and Groff is another good source. You would have to call them to see if they have stock that wide, and I'm not sure what their minimum is for shipping.

You could try Hicksville planing mill. They usually don't have stock that wide but they may have enough for your chest. It may take a week or 2 for them to ship it out to you as well but they are good to deal with.

I'm not sure who else would have material like that in stock. I'm not sure what your time frame is but I need to make a trip to Irion, but it probably won't be until sometime in March. If you still need it then I could pick it up and would ship it to you.
Maybe "Texas cherry" is the way to go. This guy's craigslist ad says $5 bf up to 15 inches wide x 5 feet long
Yes I know it is not cherry but it is a local option.
Allan, you might try the Hardwood Connection,  They are located in Sycamore IL.

  I have used them several times with great results.  Every year we setup a SAPFM display at there open house.  Make sure they know you are a member!

      Jim Vojcek

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