source for quality extruded butt hinges

I have been buying these from Whitechapel but of late the size selection has diminished and the quality suffered.  The last I bought were drilled for #6 screws and counter sunk for #5 and the finish was not as good as in the past. 
I buy from Horton Brasses in Cromwell, CT.  I believe they have only two sizes but they are very strong and come in four finishes.  They also supply slotted brass screws and not phillips head.

Dennis Bork
Antiquity Period Designs, Ltd.
When I was at WIA there was a company there called Phoenix Lock. They had samples of their product on their table and it looked like very nice quality stuff. I know that they do carry extruded brass hinges - fast tip, button tip or ball finial. You can reach them at or 800-471-3087. They're also (or at least they were) offering a 15% discount if you mention "Woodworking In America".