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Is anyone aware of a source for Mahogany (wide 4/4, 5/4 and 12/4) other than Irion Lumber that sells in smaller lots? I can't really afford the 200 bf minimum, nor do I have the storage space. I'm not interested in African or Philippine varieties -- just Honduran (Cuban is probably a pipe dream).
Check with Groff and Groff ( they've been real good to me. Ask for Morris let him know what your working on and he should be able to help.

Alan - One thought is to post your question in the "chapters" section, or perhaps make your wishes known at a local woodworking club.  Putting together a fair number of people would make the percentage of an order to Irion that goes to shipping a lot lower, and you'll be able to get something that approaches Cuban mahogany of days gone by.

I've a fair amount of Irion mahogany, and there's a large difference in density between the wood that Lou & Myron sells and your average genuine mahogany from other suppliers.  This, by the way, is one of the chief ways that an antique is ascribed to have been built of Cuban mahogany - density.
Allan - Cuban mahogany.try: Blue Moon Exotic Wood, DBA
Toby Basilius, President,1300 Kraft Road,Ithaca, NY  14850-9513

Telephone:  (607) 387-5183        email:  [email protected]


I have used this guy and had good service.
                                            Joseph Hemingway
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George, I spoke with him 2 years ago (just before I lost the studio) and he was trading then? and his website is up and running today
showing all stock, machining, logging, contact's  etc.

      Try contacting  by email:  [email protected], and then post his answer.

                                                          Joseph Hemingway
Gearge? I contacted  Myself, this is his answer
Question? hello, I've just been informed your out of business for a number of years? strange as I contacted you 2 years ago,
Joseph Hemingway PhD
Please reply if you will.

Answer? 8th March 2009 (time 13.20 )
Hi Joseph,

I'm still up and kicking. Still open for business. Please let me know if you need any Cuban Mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni).


Good result???

call Don Nay from Black Lake Wood Products @ (269) 671-4933 .
they have a wide variety of species including Genuine Mahogany.