Snyder Clock Collection at Rock Ford Plantation

Tom M

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We visted Historic Rock Ford Plantation (1794) in Lancaster a couple years ago, and we went again last week to see the new museum of the John Snyder collection.  Mr. Snyder left Rock Ford a significant portion of his collection of Lancaster Furniture and Decorative Arts.  Rock Ford opened the museum on the 2nd floor of an 18th century barn this past April.  It is really well done and should be on all SAPFM wish list.  Unfortunately the receptionist told us they usually get 1 to 5 visitors each day.

We also visited the York County Historical Society which has several Tall case clocks from the region.

Another highpoint (although not Period Furniture related) was the AACA Car Musuem in Hershey.  Really a great place.  When we arrived we got to see them moving a 1913 (?) Packard from the parking lot into a new Parkard display they were preparing. We were the only visitors and had the whole museum to ourselves.  The docents let us behind the ropes and opened doors so we could get a better view.  They have three Tuckers! and an amazing collection of Tucker engines (prototypes), engineering drawings, sketches and etc.


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Thanks for that. I will certainly take a look next time I'm in the area.
If anyone is interested in clocks I would also recommend visiting the NAWCC museum (National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors) in nearby Columbia.
If going up north...there is the American Clock and Watch Museum in Bristol CT.......and just as an oddity close by, there is the Lock Museum of America in Terryville CT.