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I am having a 30 x 40 building put up soon with a 10 x 30 storage area inside the 30 x 40. That leaves a 30 x 30 or a 20 x 40 (with a 10 x10 alcove) shop area depending on where I put the storage area. Which is better for a shop:
a 30 x 30 square or a 20 x 40 (with small alcove) rectangle?


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My shop is 24x36 on the outside with fairly thick stone/cinderblock walls.  Its a bank barn so inside dimensions are less.  I also have a truss roof with a room 10 feet wide and 36 long.  Here is what I have and roughly how its arranged-

16" Northfield Jointer
20"SCMI planer
sawstop with 52" fence
20" bandsaw
Connover lathe- forget how long the bed is, maybe 80"
Oneida dust collector
onsrud inverted pin router
3/4" spindle shaper
1" tilting arbor shaper
edge sander
router table
my bench
powermatic mortiser
explosion proof storage cabinet
3 phase 10hp converter

My wood is stored in another building on my property

I set my shop up so the jointer and planer are centered and diagonal to handle long boards.  Those two pieces plus the shaper are not moveable.  The shaper is centered on one wall to allow for longer infeed and out.  My tablsesaw and all outfeed tables are on casters to move.  I open the door to rip long boards.  Shop carts are made to be an inch taller than the jointer- easier to maneuver.  Electrical lines were buried in conduit below the slab.  Dust collection goes above- I have 12 foot ceilings.  Space is a premium but everything is paid for and no rent.  What I would change- I have full spectrum lighting but wish I added more lights.  Floor is concrete, painting it white would help but I worry about slipping.  I have a small area I convert so finish in(spray).  I wish I had a dedicated finish area as it would speed things along. 

I do this professionally for $ so I work a little different than a hobbyist.  I avoid hand work.  I would think and plan ahead as to what you build and how you work.  Bench space may be more important to you than me. 

Pete Aleksa       


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My first shop was 11' x 18', When I built my current shop I wondered how I would fill the 22' x 24' space, now I wonder how I fit all the stuff I have in it!

I would play with the Grizzly tool it works great. How you work is important to how you will lay it out. I set up my shop in a circular pattern. I have my chopsaw and bandsaw near each other, to rough out material, then jointer is near them, followed by planer, they kind of go around the tablesaw, which holds all of the pieces while I do the surfacing.  So think about how you work and and lay your tools out in that order.

Also when I built my shop I ran power and dust collection under the slab, In my first shop I was tripping on the DC hose, and wish I had done another location as well. If you do this, which I think you should, make a little recessed box that you can put a lid over with the power and DC port in it.

I also did radiant floor in my shop that was another great choice.

I also put outlets every 4' in my shop a 110V and a 220V. I put these 50" above the floor a good height, above benches, and you don't need to bend over to plug things in, you may want to have some in the ceiling also.


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Some good points.  To add a few more ideas-  I have an extension cord retractable reel on my ceiling.  Retracts to just above my head and is super convenient.  I also run a phase converter with 3phase drops from the ceiling.  I had my electrician give me a few extra coils of wire in case I needed to move something a few feet in either direction and I have needed those coils.  I also have a 3phase extension cord which I haven't needed yet.  If you dont run 3 phase, you may want to consider it as to where the converter will go(dont need much space) but you will need wall space for the box/breakers and main switch.