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Well the sumer is over and it's time to start hiding down in the workshop. I'm lookin to build a sewing or work table in the seymour style and I have a few questions. although veneered, is the main wood mahagony under the veneer? maybe another hard wood, quatersawn oak for stability?  are there any plans availible any where? I saw some at Milards site. does anyone have experiance with his planes? I have not to much experiance with making my own from photos etc. may be I'll try. I think it's a good building and veneering project for the winter.
I built a copy of the Seymour work table shown in the Peabody Essex book on the Seymour's, and also in the MFA Boston.

I have a set of drawings I used and you are welcome to have a copy. 

I used poplar as the secondary woods and veneered both sides.  They might not have veneered the back in actual historical times, but I did.

Check my web site and go to the link on "Work Table Project".

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I visited your site and I'm very impressed. I'll contact to this evening thru email
I recently build a simplified version of a work table, just for practice. I am posting about the build on my blog, I don't know if it will be any help but here's the link.
In Robert Mussey's book "The masterworks of John and Thomas Seymour", Mussey indicates that white pine was the most prevalent choice for the ground of the veneer work. I was fortunate enough to meet with Mr. Mussey several weeks ago and have him authenticate a piece I purchased this spring at an antique shop in Florida. My piece is typical Seymour work and only the visable surface is veneered and the opposing surface is white pine stained to look like mahogany. That said, the pine is split and it shows through the face veneers.
If I were building a piece today, I'd probably want to stabilize the back or underside if I wasn't try to match an original.  If you could access the book, it should provide you with the construction details you seek.  Good luck!  Ross
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another great site. Im jealous!!! Looks like I have alot of learning and work to do.
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