Saturday November 10th Sapfm NE Chapter Meeting


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Sapfm NE Chapter Members,

I hope all of you are doing well, and won't see much effect from hurricane Sandy.  For the past few months I have been working on finding individuals and venues for future meetings, and I'm glad to inform you that progress is slowing being made.  I am also happy and excited to inform you that on Saturday November 10th, 2013 Cartouche award winner Will Neptune, and furniture maker Jamey Pope are kindly willing to host a meeting for our chapter. 

The meeting will be held on Saturday November 10th, and will be held at 152 Commonwealth Ave, West Concord MA. 01742.  The meeting will be focusing on table saw joinery with Will Neptune and how to cut  knuckle joint on the table saw with Jamey Pope.  These presentations has a ton of information and every level of woodworker will have the ability to learn something new.

I hope all of you can join us for this will be a great meeting.  Since this meeting involves a lot of material for jigs, I am kindly asking for a $10.00 fee per person to attend the meeting, which will pay for all the materials used in the making of all the jigs that Will Neptune has made.  I will need a minimum of 20 people at the meeting to justify all of this, but I feel this won't be an issue.  Please let me know if you can attend, and please invite your friends.  For I will need to make sure we can pay for the materials/time of Will Neptune. 

The meeting will start with coffee and donuts at 9 am and the meeting will start at 10 a.m.  Both presenter will be presenting for about an hour to an hour and half, then a session of Q & A.  The meeting will be in the usual format of presentation, then lunch, then presentation.  There is a bakery right next to the shop that offers sandwiches, pastries, and beverages.  There is plenty of parking, but not a ton of seating, so please bring with you any stools or folding chairs.   


Freddy Roman