rubber infeed/outfeed rollers in 15" planers


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I just took a chance and moved this post to a new topic. I think it might be usefull to someone.
well ....I installed the byrd cutterhead in the 15" jet planer and it has made quite a difference. In real,real aaaa+ curly maple it did leave small tearout but 99.99% improvment over all other woods and figures.
    What I did encounter was when planing a board to final thickness, regardless of figure or species, If I replaned the board  through the machine without changing the cutter head depth, just as a second pass, I was getting indentations in the board from the infeed roller. No matter how I addjusted the pressure, bed rollers roller depth, infeed or outfeed,  same results.
    well what I did, from advice from my brother with the same machine, was to swap the serrated metal infeed and outfeed rollers with an outfeed roller from a  delta 15" planer (dc-380 i belive). They are covered with rubber, ureathane similar to rollers in a "lunch box" planer. I put them in both the infeed and the outfeed. a perfect match. Problem solved. performs great. No marks!!!
    It performs so well I can't belive they are not offered as original equipment on at least an option.
 Hope this helps anyone else with similar problem.