Rowe on Kensington Museum


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Does anyone have a copy of Eleanor Rowe's folio book of photographs of carvings from the Kensington Museum? If so, are any of the images of Grinling Gibbons work?

Digging up 19th C books on wood carving has led to a shelf full of so-so books and a handful of good books. Not that I mind buying books of course...
millcrek said:
Gary, which ones do you think are the good ones and are you going to reprint them.

I guess that's an obvious question that I should have addressed!

Wood Carving by Charles G. Leland, revised by John Holtzapffel, 4th edition 1901
Hints On Wood Carving by Eleanor Rowe, revised 1902
Hints On Chip Carving by Eleanor Rowe, 1896
Chip Carving by H. Moore (Manual Arts Press) which is mostly a set of polynesian, arte noveau and arts & crafts designs
Wood Carving For Amateurs by David Denning, c1890
Wood Carving by Bemrose (maybe, I'm undecided on this one. nice images but little in the way of details)

If I can determine if any of the South Kensington plates are Gibbons carvings, then I may see about obtaining some and doing those as individual poster size prints.

That is about what I have on the list at this point. It has been very difficult to unearth decent books on carving. Most are no more than wordy tomes with little to offer in the way of in depth instruction. Some have horrible half-tone plates that defy reprinting and others have equally poor hand done line drawings that show little detail.

I'm waiting for a few books on Gibbons to arrive to learn more about him and to prepare for further research. Not being a carver, I first have to determine what would be of value to a carver. Such is the pain and suffering the (retired) librarian must endure!