Ronnie Young to lead presentation on making Federal style jewely box & workshop


Well-known member
This is based on the Federal tea caddy Ronnie presented last August.

This August 16-17 he will build this box in front of us at Woodcraft in Roswell.  Of course he will not be able to apply the finish, but it should be exciting.  Fee for the weekend presentation is $25.

And if that was not enough, on Monday and Tuesday there will be a workshop to build your own copy of this box.  This is a continuation of the effort we did two years ago to help mentor less experienced members.  This is a great project for those who have not completed a Federal style project before or have not fully developed their skills.  Priority will be given to less experienced members.  The same workshop will be held on a weekend in September with the exact same format.  It is intended to accommodate those who cannot take time from work.  The second workshop will be held in September at John Ogilvie's shop in Canton.  Registration for the workshops will be limited to 12 people.  Fee for the workshop is $25.
Materials and tool list will be provided after registration.

In addition to the jewelry presentation we will have a Finishing Presentation and discussion
David McDonald, re-finisher with 40+ year experience will be giving a talk on Saturday afternoon on August 16 as part of the weekend program.  David has been restoring and refinishing at his shop in Jonesboro for over 40 years.  He is a second generation restorer.  He has spoken at many places on finishing and given demonstrations on repairing damaged finishes.  David uses shellac, lacquer and whatever gets the job done.  He has mastered the ability to match existing finishes and create that "old finish" look.  He intends to lead us in a discussion on finishes and create an exchange of ideas.

Fee for the weekend is $25 which includes Ronnie and David's presentations.  The workshop sessions are $25 for the two day events.

Check on for more details.