ribbon-back chair



Ive just nicely joined sapfm,im a little shocked by a chair in the sapfm gallery? what I was trained to now and  produce as a ladder back chair,is being called a Ribbon-backed chair in its description,having studyed chippendale's design's all my life, this is incorrect,its discription should match its likeness.

I'm not very good at riddles. To what exactly are you referring? Is there a chair in the gallery described as a ladderback?
In the absence of a response, I believe I have deciphered the original post:

Joseph, who carved the Chippendale ribbon back chair recently added to the gallery
(http://www.sapfm.org/gallery/viewpiece.php?id=416), is taking exception to the fact that a Chippendale ladder back chair (http://www.sapfm.org/gallery/viewpiece.php?id=95) is also referred to as a ribbon back in the item description. From a construction point of view,  he has a valid argument. I'm not sure what the Silas Kopf quote has to do with anything, however.
In I. Sack's ten volume set of books he calls example #2 (php?id=95) a ladder-back chair.  So does Helen Comstock in "American Furniture".

Dennis Bork
  Hello from so.jersey!! First of all,this chair is an outstanding example of carving and craftmanship. My reply was meant to be fun and witty,like all of my post. I just realized that rococojo and Dr. Joe Hemingway are one and the same,right? Welcome to our group and bear with us, I think.

                                                                      Ed Griner
hello ED, I thank you for the welcome, I'm pleased Ive found  new friends, Ill definitlty stick.
kindest regards
rococo jo