Resawing bandsaw blades


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  I was looking for a 3 tpi, 1/2 inch resaw blade for my 14 inch bandsaw.    These Timberwolf blades are offered at almost $10 less than I could find them anywhere else:

    The only difference I can see is that it's a "positive claw" tooth set, as opposed to a "skip tooth" pattern, which I think is usually recommended for resawing hardwood:

  I gather that Timberwolf is the one to get for resawing.  Am I OK with the first one for 2/3 the cost, and does anybody know if there is a significant difference in these blades?   

I've tried several different blades on my 14 inch saw, with riser block, and easily the best has been the Woodslicer, sold by Highland Hardware. I have not, though, tried any of the carbide tipped blades, as they are too expensive for my needs.