Requiring some bio info from Forum users.

Kent A. Ryan

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Nothing too misleading I would say about the statement:

"Flew P 51's WWII, 8th Air Force, Europe."

It might be a bit of an understatement - though certainly not inaccurate - for the SAPFM 2001 Cartouche Recipient to state:

" Period furniture maker as hobby, 40 yrs."

Some "hobbyist" I'd say!

Kent Ryan


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The original statement was,
"I think it would be helpful if we knew, at least: name, location, occupation, experience level"
My understanding was that it would be helpful if someone lived in your area or shared a similar interest that they could be contacted offline. The goal was, as I see it, becoming a closer knit group. If someone doesn't want to do that I think they should have that option.


Dear John:

At the risk of being the "skunk at the garden party," I would respectfully suggest a different approach.  Let's be aggressive in encouraging people to fill out information about themselves.  In fact, when I am done with his e-mail, that's just what I will do.  I think that making it mandatory will eliminate more people than you might imagine who are mmebers, value the information exchange, but simply won't divulge personal information.  I don't want to exclude them.


Stephen Gaal


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John, I know and respect you and your work.

But on the issue of Mandatory profiles, I have to take exception.

While I support and agree that all should provide information, it should NEVER be mandatory.  This is supposed to be a society and forum for those interested in exchanging ideas and information concerning period furniture.  And while it is helpful to understand where a person is coming from when reading their posts or questions, it should not be required.  If we want to know more about a person, take it off line and email them directly.  I have done this many times.

This is not a political forum, or one involving financial transactions where it is more important to know the basis of the persons background to understand their comments.

More education on what and how to go about providing information is a very positive and productive way and thanks to those posting that information.

Having said all that, I will update my profile.  I just support the premise that it is MY decision, not that of others to post this information.

Also, it would be useful to me to be able to search the member profiles for information as has been mentioned.  I travel a lot, and it is nice to be able to look up who is in a certain city, or by zip code.



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The forum continues to be very interesting to me. I've received lot's of help and suggestions and hopefully have helped some other members. Sometimes the forum doesn't have a lot happening and sometimes it's smokin'. I suspect that August currently is a slow period with many people on vacation.
This thread started with a discussion about requiring some bio information from forum users.
Howard Steier


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This subject was started by a fine gentleman by the name of John McAlister who just underwent heart surgery a couple of weeks ago. I hope he is doing well. It might be nice if concerned members would join in and wish him a speedy recuperation. Hope to hear from you soon John!



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Sorry to hear Mr. McAlister had heart surgery, and I certainly hope he has a speedy recovery.  He is the reason my husband and I joined SAPFM.  His generosity in helping my husband build the six shell Newport secretary was extraordinary!  He epitomizes everything I admire about this organization.  Get well soon, John.   

John McAlister

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I did start this thread some time ago never dreaming that it would generate as much attention and the number of replies that it has. I appreciate and thank everybody who has posted a reply and hope to contact each, outside the forum, though that will take some time.
As Craig mentioned I have had some surgery and have been out of pocket for several weeks; but I'm finally beginning to get back.. In the meantime perhaps we ought to stop the thread, though I do want to say a few more words!
Mike Siemson certainly caught what I was trying to say (though I said it poorly): "The original statement was, "I think it would be helpful if we knew, at least: name, location, occupation,experience level." "The goal was, as I (Mike) see it, becoming a closer knit group." I've known Mike personally; through this forum; and through lots of e-mails out side the forum, for several years. I know what he does; I know where he is; I deeply respect his knowledge of our field; I admire his willing and helping hand which is evident to many of us and when Mike says something: I listen.
I absolutely agree with Ken Johnson when he so well states the reasons that bio info should not be mandatory. I've known Ken for a long time; I know where he lives; he has been in my home and shop; I know of his unwavering support for SAPFM; I know of his work; I know of his considerable knowledge of our field; and when Ken Johnson says something: I listen.
I know I started out saying that bio info should be required. I was wrong. I think I was trying to make us a "closer knit group". I was thinking of the non dues paying guy (and even the dues paying members) who sound off, giving no clue as to their experience or background.  My inclination is to simply wonder; who's he? (or her, Pam!) Should we really get stirred up? Do they know what they're talking about?
I'm off my soap box now! which I suspect is good news to many.
John McAlister


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I'm glad to see that you are still with us. When you talk I listen. Let's get back to talking about furniture.