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Need help with renewal.  Have tried for weeks and the contact links are not working for me.  Is there a name and phone number I can call.  When I try to renew it says my email is already used.  Need help.


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It seems strange, at least to me, that one of the SAPFM board members could not answer this members question!!

Dennis Bork



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I used the links on the website yesterday, 14th, and was able to renew.....Maybe "kennylong" should try updated?

Mark Maleski

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Kenny, I see your membership expired shortly after you posted, thus I conclude you didn't get the help you were seeking. I'm sorry about that - I've been away a bit or I would've caught this sooner.  I pulled your email address from our list and will email you directly to help out.

Mark Maleski
Member, SAPFM Board of Directors