Regenerating Rechargable battery

Tom M

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Within the past couple of years I recall seeing a short article in FWW which discusses regenerating rechargable batteries, and I think there was even a place you could send your batties to for regeneration.  I did an article  search at the FWW site and could not find anything.  Any idea which issue it was in?

My 15 year of Bosch 12 V cordless drill's batteries are pretty much worthless.  I've look at replacement batteries and they are over $40 each.  For a little over $100 I could get a new Bosch 14V.  But if I can get the batteries regenerated for $10 to $20 I would go that route because I am greatly (emotionally?? - is that weird?) attached to my Bosch 12V.

If I were to move on from my Bosch, any suggestions? I don't see the need for a massive 18V drill, as the 12V has always served me well.

This guy uses high quality cells equal to the oem. I've done a few myself and just the cells cost more than he charges to do a better job than I ever could, never again! The tabs are spot welded just like the factory. He even has a laser to cut open cases that can't be opened any other way! It will probably be more than the $20 each you're hoping for plus the shipping but it's the way to go.
I've had good luck getting batteries rebuilt at Batteries Plus. Two 12v batteries for a PC drill cost about $60-70. I dropped the batteries off in the AM and picked them up about 4 hours later.
I've looked into at well. I've found it's a wash for the batteries vs buying new. If you are looking to do it yourself buy RC car batteries. These are the same but generally cost about half as much. If you do go the rebuild route or the replacement route look at Li batteries.

I have 2 dewalt 14v drills 1 is 10+ years old the other about 7 I am looking at replacing them because the batteries are shot, and it would be about $250 to replace the batteries. I can buy the new Makita 18V with 2 Li batteries for $200 and it's about 1lb lighter than my 14V, and has goten great reviews.

It's hard to plunk down $100+ to get to where you were yesterday.

I was faced with a similar dilemma about 3 weeks ago although rebuilding the battery of my 18v Dewalt was not an option. I walked into my shop and noticed a strange odor and found that my battery had melted into the charger to the point that the plastic housing had fused to the charger. I was faced with replacing both the battery and the charger. I could have gotten both on Amazon for about $100. Instead, I bought another 18v drill kit that had the drill, charger and two batteries for about $55 more than I would have spent on the bat. and charger alone. Now I have 2 usable drills--one for the shop, the other for the house. I don't find the 18v to be too cumbersome for fine work and the long run time means plenty of life between charges.
I have gotten so tired of the battery replacement and short life of these tools that I am starting to use my push drills and Yankee drivers again. I can pull out a 75 year old tool that still works and drive screws just fine. Otherwise I plug in my corded drill.
I live in Tampa Bay ares and in this area we have several after market battery stores. About a tear ago, I bought new batteries for my 14v Dewalt drill and they were $52.00 each. They didn't say Dewalt on the outside but they are Ray-O-Vac. They work fine. Check your Yellow Pages under batteries.

Good luck,  Leon