Refinishing/ Restoring an Old School Desk


I am refinishing an old school desk for a very important cilent that happens to also live with me! My questions to all you experts is I was able to knock the desk apart very easily and the glue joints looked like PVA type glue and were poorly done. So my questions is I have herad of using epoxy to glue up furniture for restoring would that be a good idea? Or is epoxy more for fixing broken pieces? Anyway the desk was made probibly in the 60-70's era so not a true antique or really valuable but it is solid oak so it is nice and it has been a fairly easy project so far.


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The only time I use epoxy is when I need something to fill gaps in a joint and the piece is not worth fixing properly. If it's a good piece use hide glue it will be easier for the next guy to fix when it needs repair again.