RE: recommendations for a chuck for a lathe

David Conley

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I am looking for recommendations for a chuck for a standard size 12” Delta lathe (1” x 8 RH thread). 

I have been looking at the catalogs (nearest woodworking store is over 2 ½ hours away) at the SuperNova2. 

I plan to turn things like finials, and drawer pulls.  However, I also want the ability to be able to turn something much larger, like bowls.

Any suggestions?

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Be glad you have the most common of all threads!  Vicmarc has the best selection and quality but you're gonna pay for it! The number of accessories they have are amazing! Since you're only turning occasionally I doubt you will have any trouble with any of the brand name chucks like the Novas. Just stay away from "no-name" cheap junk. I've heard horror stories about them vibrating loose and losing there grip on your piece at just the wrong time and even losing pieces of the chuck itself at high speed!!!!
David, Although I'm over the pond, one good local woodturner by me, (he has helped me out with a very big problem?lost tools) please e/mail Graham, he will put you right on what you require, just explain your requirement.      [email protected]
A real privilage to help you out

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Woodcraft has a good deal on one of the Nova chucks with all the accesories. Normally $227, on sale for $100.

I know plenty of turners who have this chuck and are very happy with it. I bought one, but haven't recived it yet so I can't give any personal experiance.

I also use chucks made for metal working. You can pick up decent used ones on ebay. They generally have a little wear that machinest's won't like but are fine for wood.
You won't beat that deal!  I have a Grizzly chuck like that one that cost me $132 It works fine but I am sure this one is better. You will need the extra jaws too.
My chuck was waiting for me when I got home last night. Fast shipping, I ordered it Sunday and had it Wednesday. I didn't turn anything on it but it's a nicely built piece, Better than what I expected.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Nova Midi Chuck.  I ordered one and received it last night.  

Indeed, it does look pretty good.  Since I was going to have to buy the Pin Jaw set ($52.99) anyway, I looked at it as $50 for the chuck and $50 for the Pin Jaw Set.  

Today I checked on this item and noticed that it is no longer available from Woodcraft.  I guess it was a popular item.

Cheers and Thanks to all who responded,