RE: Look for Photo of Mack Headley's marking knife

David Conley

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I have been looking for a photo or two of Mack Headley?s marking knife that has the twist in the middle?  Does anyone have a good photo of it?


I have two of these knives and one with the straight shaft.  I'm leaving for a show but will be back on Monday.  I will send you a photo then unless some one else does.

Dennis Bork
I'm not positive which knife Mack uses, but I've seen some of the guys in the cabinet shop and the jointer's shop use this one.
I make my own and have made some for gifts, I can make one in about 2 hours.

I'm not a black smith, So I just start with 1/8" tool steel. Pretty simple, cut out the basic shape, clean up with a grinder. A little mapp gas to put in the twist, file the point, and grind the chisel end. harden the chisel end and hone.

If people are interested I could write a how to for the journal.

If you post a description, I wil read it with interest.

My only forge experience was very frustrating; a cold chisel made in shop class from hex stock using an old fashioned gas oven to heat the work. It took all period to get to a working temperature. One smack with the hammer, and it was time to cool it off and "clean up".

Not trying to jump ttalma here, but I also made some similar knives and posted a description and pictures here.
I do pretty much the same as Jbacon. But I use a sawzall to cut the basic shape, the a grinder up to the line. I use layout fluid to mark my lines (because I have some), but I find a sharpie marker works as well for doing the layout.

For heat treating I hold the heat about 1 inch from the chisel end and keep the heat there until I see the sraw color move to the end of the chisel, then quench in oil.

I don't get to worried about the heat treating, my method seems to work, as they hold an edge well and are not to hard to sharpen.