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I'm using Google SketchUp to design a bureau (or buroe as Chippendale spells it) actually it's a slightly modified version of the left hand piece in the Director on  Plate XLII.  Anyway, I've really been struggling with an exact design for the bracket feet.  I kind of like the ones shown on the left hand foot on the left hand bureau and the right hand foot on the right bureau but they're hard to see in detail.  I like to think (whether it's true or not) that everything in period furniture starts with proportion and design (orders of architecture, golden ratio and all that).  I keep going back to the George Walker video and the way he designs the bracket foot.  I've attached a basic design (not sure where I got it) that I've been trying to reconcile with George Walker and the piece but it just isn't working.  Rather than just eyeballing it, I'm looking for any design or layout rules anyone has to help.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I don't really understand what you are trying to do. Do you want to proportion the foot pictured to your case? Design a new foot proportioned for your case? Proportion the different parts of the pictured foot? If you can provide a little more detail as to what you are trying to accomplish we might be able to provide better feedback.

I dont think that you will find any hard and fast rules of proportion.

I would suggest that you pick up a book like Albert Sacks "The New Fine Points of Furniture - Early American" and study what makes one piece "good" and another, similar piece - "superior".

A little time and a pair of dividers and you will soon determine what makes a "properly sized foot" for the application at hand.

Keep in mind, that although there appear to be standards of proportion, they are not hard and fast rules.

For more on proportion, I would suggest: "Geometry of Design" by Kimberly Elam; and since bracket feet are often considered moldings over support blocks, "Theory of Moldings" by Walker (not related to the Walker that did the LN video)

I don't know if it will help, but this a SketchUp model of a Bracket foot I drew for a Thomas Elfe Chest. The model is in Google 3D warehouse. Do a search for "Queen Anne bracket foot" and you can download it if you're interested. It was dimensioned from the Humphrey book on Elfe.



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