Queen Anne Armchair Plans on CD Drawn by Ed Stuckey and built by Steve Lash


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Ed has generously offered these plans to SAPFM to be included in our store.  The plans are exceptional and include photos.  The plans are based on the chair Steve Lash built and the photos are of Steve's chair.

Great value and worth looking at if you are planning on making this chair anytime soon.

The plans are in the SAPFM store under "Publications"


These include 4 full sizes drawings. Drawing include photos of appropriate details of finished chair including carvings.  Views are front, side, plane and detail(template).  Separate set of photos include: finished chair in front, side, angle, and plane views.

Attached is one of the photos provided.


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Thank you Ed!  This is a fantastic chair that has been on my list.  With these plans it will be much easier to build.  The plan service is a great resource of SAPFM.  Thanks to all who have shared the expertise.  Carl Widder