Post Edit of Spring Event

Joe Lambert

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The spring meeting was a spectacular event this Past Saturday September 19th. We couldn't have had better weather and Ellen and Jim Conley were gracious host. Jim presented an 18th century Philadelphia arm chair, an exact reproduction of an Antique. He provided insight and many low tech ways to match carvings. Who would have thought just using common clay from hardware or kids toy store. When heated in a plastic bag in hot water makes a great way to make a negative that we can use to put plaster of Paris in to make a positive from to allow you to make an exact carving? Or for that matter using pencil rubbing's on just craft paper will give you an exact drawing of the carving on a leg. Later in the day he came back to show us how to make nails from tremont nail company by heating them and using a hammer to make a very good reproduction of and old nail.
    Jim son David Conley spoke on the use of old scrap in the wood box to make scrapers to use around the work shop and proper sharpening of planes and carving tools.
    finally the day ended with a demonstration by Jim on his guilding process. Using lacquer and mixing it with talcum powder  makes an excellent surface to start. Rabbit glues as the adhesive and then lay the gold. Makes a beautiful finish. As I said low tech but saves a lot of steps.
    A tour of the house and many of Jim's reproductions as well as antique repairs was a real treat to show anyone that a home can definitely be elegant and accomplished by anyone willing to make the effort. I will add pics later so come back