Plans for a Jupe expanding dining table

Peter Storey Pentz

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I know it's a British form, but, does anyone know of a source for plans for a Jupe expanding dining table?  I realize they will probably come with a price.  Thank you and Merry Christmas one and all.  PSP
I designed one in sketchup several years ago. The drawings are uploaded to the Sketchup 3D warehouse under Henry Green Puzzle Table. Not sure how to upload a working sketchup file to the forum.

B Baker

I was wondering if I would hear from you on this one.  No, it is not like your usual linearly expanding table with leaves that pull out, dropping the top on your hand or tables with telescoping slides where one person pushes too soon and you lose a digit. It expands radially by rotating the top on a fixed pedestal.  There is a good video of one in action on You Tube, look up M. S. Rau Antiques Jupe table.  Because one person can open and close the table there shouldn't be any smashed fingers.  Some were made of oak, but most were made of mahogany.  The design was patented in 1835 by Robert Jupe who then spent a lot of the rest of his life in litigation with people he thought were infringing on his patent.  The table mechanism is complex and fascinating enough to bring out the inner "geek" in any of us.  This is borne out by the number of more modern examples that involve high-tech machining, hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics, though very little woodworking.  These new Jupe tables seem to be a favorite with those people whose boats also have helipads.   PSP
This is a table with pie shaped leaves? It's mechanism is an engineering feat of its own. I can not help with it's mechanism. So I am worthless. Please ask me another question. Sorry
Peter, if your looking for the mechanical version of the Jupe table, this web site has plans for one version of the mechanism.

Bob Baker

Thank you for the link.  I am aware of this design, and unfortunately, it is not exactly what I am looking for.  Though, now I have a lead on a copy of the original patent document.  Thanks again.  PSP